Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge you fees our service is completely free for you.

GiG has a large network of specialist buyers who will pay more for your vehicle than you will get from other car buying services (see our flow chart). We also have many buyers bidding for your car, so sometimes the price is in excess of our valuation if it’s a really desirable marque.

Once you entered your details into our website, we start the process off by giving you a valuation. If you are happy with this valuation we then will ask for some more details about your vehicle and pictures always help us achieve the best prices. We then contact our list of relevant buyers who specialise in your make of vehicle, once we have achieved your target price, we put the trade buyer in contact with you.

The buyer will then come and collect the vehicle after a quick inspection they will transfer the funds and they drive the vehicle away once the funds are cleared in your bank.

Absolutely YES!! As long as you have described the vehicle accurately along with any defects, history and damage our buyers will honour the price.

We never pass your details until you have agreed the price and want us to do so.

It all depends on how quickly you get all the information to us, the demand for your car and of course the price you are expecting. We have sold cars within an hour before.

We have been in the industry for many years, this is what we do, and our knowledge is unrivalled in terms of accurate pricing. We back this up by using industry pricing guides.

When our buyer turns up they will inspect the vehicle, if is as described they will make a bank transfer, they won’t take the vehicle until your payment is cleared in your account.

Your valuation is valid for 48 hours

No worries, our buyers will cleat the outstanding finance and pay you the balance.

Absolutely fine, our buyers will take this in to account when pricing your vehicle, just be honest and accurate with your description to get an accurate price

There is no ceiling on the value, we have been known to broker deals way past £200,000 before.

Yes our Managing Director is a collector himself, let him use his extensive contact list to Get It Gone.

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